When to adopt a slimming sheath?

The slimming sheath in the fight against the passage of time

We know the catchphrase... The years pass, pregnancies have transformed your body, curves have become permanently established. Between your professional life, mom's job, social life and love life, you don't have a second to yourself, so it's difficult to practice a sport intensively or follow a diet that's too restrictive. Mon-Ventre-Plat wants to help modern and mature women, who no longer have the silhouette of their twenties, but who want to continue to find themselves beautiful and desirable. For this, the brand designs and manufactures slimming girdles that allow you, in the blink of an eye, to find your slender silhouette of yesteryear. But when should you decide to wear a slimming girdle?

Adopting a slimming sheath when we no longer recognize ourselves in front of the mirror

The slimming sheath becomes your best ally when you can't stand yourself in the mirror anymore. Reshaping lingerie products will help you quickly sculpt your figure, without pain or irreversible change, to instantly feel better. Its enveloping and fitted cut will blend perfectly with your morphology, whether small or large. The material, both "stretch" and resistant, will allow the slimming sheath to be comfortable, pleasant and to remember your shapes while effectively compressing curves and imperfections. Result ? The belly is smoothed, the bulges erased and you find a wasp waist. The hook closure at the belly and the whales maintaining your curves will allow you to straighten your bust and improve your posture.

You will have understood it: adopt the slimming sheath when you need a little boost in morale and that getting back into such skinny jeans or such a tight little dress will make you smile again.

Adopting a slimming sheath when we start a life change

The sheath can accompany you in a change of lifestyle involving more sport and a change in diet, to accelerate weight loss.


The slimming sheath is a major "slimming" ally. Indeed, the materials used by Mon-Ventre-Plat (elastane, nylon, latex, etc.) will promote sweating, which accelerates the effects during intensive sports sessions (cardio). Remember to hydrate yourself well during these sessions since you will lose a lot of water. When the sheath is to be washed (sweat from sports sessions), prefer low temperatures without spinning to avoid damaging it.

By improving posture and support, the slimming girdle can also accompany your muscle strengthening sessions such as yoga. It allows you to maintain your back to avoid bad positions.

… and food

By compressing the stomach, the sheath will gradually slightly reduce the feeling of hunger as well as play on satiety. It is therefore an additional asset when you want to start having a reduced and healthier diet.

How to dry and store your slimming sheath?