What are the effects of a slimming sheath?

Most slimming girdles slightly increase body heat in the targeted area, which promotes sweating and produces effective results on the parts of the body that you want to reshape.

Not all sheaths target the same results or the same places. A push-up effect girdle, for example, essentially emphasizes the firmness of the buttocks and gives them a very nice rounded shape. Other girdles target the stomach or hips, while some emphasize your chest and highlight it. The effects are visible when you regularly wear a slimming girdle.

Rolls, sagging skin, love handles or any roundness in the pelvis or belly are reduced and appear less prominent. A slimming sheath helps regain self-confidence and overcome fears and complexes. You are now allowed to wear a beautiful evening dress, tight-fitting, or any other close-fitting garment, without being afraid to reveal your little flaws.

What is a slimming girdle?