How to wash your slimming sheath?

It is advisable to wash your slimming sheath after each use. Do not throw it in your washing machine with the rest of your laundry: you risk damaging it, relaxing it, causing it to lose its shape. In short, to no longer be able to benefit from all its benefits on your curves.

Above all, read the label which indicates with which textiles your sheath is made, because its washing is not the same according to its composition.

Latex: always by hand

A robust and resistant material, latex is nevertheless easily deformed. Machine washing, which would abuse it too much, is therefore prohibited. Ditto for models made with flexible stays. Machine turns could bend them and damage your sheath.

In addition, latex hates heat, which alters its effectiveness. Wash it gently, by hand, with lukewarm water, at 30 degrees maximum.

To make it smell good, use a mild soap or mild shampoo. A baby shampoo, for example, does the job very well.

Nylon and polyester: in the washing machine, under conditions

If you have the time, wash your nylon or polyester sheath by hand instead.

However, nylon and polyester hold up to machine washing better than latex. You can therefore consider delegating this task to your washing machine, provided you take a few precautions.

Choose a gentle cycle. The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Depending on the programs of your machine, opt for a cycle intended for delicate laundry (wool or silk), whose number of revolutions per minute is low, to avoid damaging your sheath.

Regarding the detergent, make sure that it does not contain bleach, dyes or softeners.

How to maintain a slimming sheath?