How to maintain a slimming sheath?

It is the miracle solution for women complexed by love handles and rolls that protrude from their tight jeans. The slimming sheath sculpts a slim waist and a flat stomach, making the extra pounds disappear.

But for it to retain all its sheathing properties, it is better to maintain it with care. Here are some tips to ensure that your sheath will accompany you in all your activities for years to come.

Maintenance to be adapted according to the model

A slimming sheath is not a lingerie accessory like the others. Its very technical design makes it an undergarment that must be pampered to retain its shaping and elastic benefits for as long as possible.

There are many models of slimming girdles. All are intended to model you a dream silhouette, by acting on the belly and the waist. And all are made with quality textiles, with dense knits, intended to compress the bust to refine it.

The way to maintain it depends mainly on the materials of which it is made and the more or less elaborate cut of your sheath.

Latex, champion of compression

All models contain elastane, which brings elasticity and flexibility to your sheath. When it is associated with latex (and cotton), it forms a very enveloping sheath, with strong compression power. Ideal for those who, in addition to a slimmer silhouette, need support for the entire abdomen and back.

Nylon and polyester: all in lightness

In many models, elastane is mixed with nylon or polyester. These materials are more breathable than latex, but also lighter and more flexible. Ideal for those who are looking for comfort above all and who want their sheath to accompany them on a daily basis, including for sports.

Different cuts

Some models have frames that make them more rigid. These flexible stays provide perfect support and a sculpting effect.

The most enveloping sheaths are equipped with hook or zip closure systems or both. These allow you to adjust them so that they best fit your feminine forms but are pieces that should not be abused.

Additional advice to be sure to choose the right size of your sheath