How to choose the size of your slimming sheath?

Slimming girdles are on the rise with those who want to sport a perfect figure and feel beautiful and seductive in any garment. Worn regularly, during the day and at the gym, they allow women who suffer from their curves to obtain a slim and graceful waist without effort.

But how to choose the size of its sheath for optimal efficiency? 

Indeed, for this slimming lingerie to fulfill its role and keep its promises while guaranteeing you optimal comfort, it must be the right size and harmonize with your curves while respecting your morphology. Well-adjusted, it will erase all your curves, shape your buttocks and allow you to achieve your slimming goals in the long term.

However, there are as many merchant sites and brands as there are size guides. Also, it is generally difficult to choose the one that will be adequate. By following our advice, you will choose the sheath whose size will be perfectly adapted to your body.

Check the size chart

For each product there is a particular size chart. Also, do not consider that your usual size is to be chosen systematically for all your items and that it will be the same for each of them.

It is therefore essential to have taken your measurements accurately to choose the right slimming girdle. Above all, take the time to examine the guide in detail in order to fully understand the equivalences provided by the seller and pay attention to his instructions if he has provided any.

Measure your waistline

Measuring your waistline accurately is essential to choosing the size of your sheath. Indeed, this will allow you to feel good in your slimming sheath while optimizing your chances of losing your unsightly bulges in the abdominal area. In order for your slimming sheath to be perfectly adjusted, carefully take the measurement of your waist.

To do this, use a tape measure and position it three centimeters above the navel, at the level of the natural fold of your belly, i.e. at its deepest point. Stand up straight and make sure the tape is parallel to the floor and taut without being too tight. Then wrap it around your waist. You will thus obtain the most accurate result to help you choose your slimming girdle.

You will therefore only have to consult the size to select in the dedicated guide.

Measure your hip circumference

Some size guides indicate which one to choose by also taking into account the size of your hips. To take this measurement, use a mirror to be sure that the tape is positioned correctly. It should be horizontal, straight and held at the widest point of your hips. Also, be sure to perform this measurement wearing only underwear to get an accurate result.

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