Additional advice to be sure to choose the right size of your sheath

Even if you are dieting at the time of your purchase and logically plan to lose weight in the coming weeks, still choose your current size without calculating your new future weight. Indeed, you will not be comfortable in a sheath that is too narrow which, moreover, will not be able to harmonize with your current silhouette in order to correct it and erase its curves.

In addition, regarding the choice of an underwear, your comfort must be the absolute priority and your slimming sheath, if it must be worn closer to the body, must however neither prevent you from breathing, nor oppress you or even less hurt you anyway.

In addition, a sheath that is too small will cause unwanted bulges to appear, which is the opposite of the desired result. Also, if it turns out that you are between two sizes, it will be better to choose the higher value, knowing that your sheath is adjustable and that you can always close it at the right level thanks to the hooks, which will allow you to will make you feel comfortable and not too tight.

On the other hand, always for reasons of comfort but also of efficiency, do not go for too much sheath. Indeed, it will tend to roll, to slip on your waist and will therefore not achieve the desired objective. In addition, it will not attach to your body, which is essential for it to play its sheathing role.

The slimming sheath must provide firm compression to your waist in order to emphasize and thus enhance your line while being comfortable to wear. Also, keep in mind that it is normal to have trouble putting on a sheath and that this does not mean that its size is too small.

You are now in possession of all the elements to choose the size of the perfect slimming girdle for you. However, if despite all the precautions taken, its size does not suit you, you always have the option of returning it to the seller to exchange it if you bought it online. With this in mind, try it on over a very thin garment so that it can be returned clean and in perfect condition.

Finally, if your sheath seems a little tight the first time you wear it, don't be in a hurry to turn it around, but give yourself time to get used to it by wearing it for a few hours a day at first before gradually moving on to a full day. . Over time, it will adapt to your body and relax in order to harmonize with your shapes and provide you with maximum comfort.

How to choose the size of your slimming sheath?